Hello my name is Björn Katuin. I’m an independent IT Consultant. For over a decade i had worked for several employers doing a wide variety of IT related tasks and fulfilling several different roles.

In 2019 i started as an independent consultant with a passion to be able to help more people achieve their vision for a more technologically advanced tomorrow.

When you are interested in hiring me or want to cooperate to build some cool tech feel free to contact me.

My expertise

Software architect & orchestrator

Building software architectures from zero to large scale without ignoring the important details. Not being ignorant of new developments and not being afraid to apply both existing tools and new technologies.

Most architects tend to over-engineer a solution to fit all possible needs for the unforeseeable future. This causes costs and development time to increase drastically. I personally am more fond of a more simplified approach, IT and its users constantly change and thus designs need to accommodate this.

Data processing and analytics

Many of the projects I’ve worked on were data centric; data processing, data analysis, data caching, prediction and pattern recognition.

Security & Privacy specialist

Security and privacy are an increasingly more important subject in the IT world. Encryption, authentication and secure coding are a well known to me.

Security & privacy aren’t only about code and technical security measures. In a lot of situations having the right procedures and agreements in place can save more time and money than redesigning a solution because of a otherwise potential security flaw.

DevOps pipelines expert

Developing software is about more than just code and data. In this process there are multiple stakeholders and parties involved all with their own responsibilities and roles.

Several methods like Agile and Scrum are the standard these days but this alone isn’t sufficient to operate smoothly in an ever changing IT world. DevOps is a way to fill in the gaps that Scrum and Agile have.

This is being facilitated by tooling that is used for monitoring, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Versioning and Provisioning amongst other things.

Senior Java Engineer

I have over 10 years of experience with java, ranging from version 4 to version 19. Ever since the beginning of my career I’ve been using java. Apart from java I’ve got experience with several other programming languages and environment like; php, python, C# & .Net.

MongoDB evangelist

I’m a big fan of NoSQL storage systems like MongoDB. A database is more than just a way to store your data. In a modern IT landscape databases need to be capable to do complex analysis on their data without requiring additional facilities. MongoDB is a opensource database, however it developed and backed by their own corporation to offer enterprise versions with enterprise grade support. This enterprise version has several additional features and tools at its disposal and will certainly offer extra value to any organization that wants an additional level of security, reliability and guarantee.

Web Components enthusiast

When it comes to web development Web Compontents are the next step forward. What started with the polymer project by Google to make Web Components a native element of any web browser transformed into lit. Now many more frameworks implement the same standards to offer a highly customizable rich frontend. Making a re-usable web improves the speed of development and uniformity between applications.

Docker & microservices engineer

To configure, provision and manage large scale application proper frameworks and toolkits are required. One of the most used is docker. Some of the advantages of polymer are;it is open source, is a complete solution to not only isolate but also provision, orchestrate and configure your (sub)systems, allows enterprise grade support and offers enterprise variants of the software.


To contact me please message me on linked-in: in/bjornkatuin